ENGLISH 154--FALL 2004

Section 6


Colin S. Cavell, Ph.D.                                                                                                         Course Room No.:  S17-014

Class UT:  13:00-14:15 [Ramadhan—12:00-13:00]                                                 INTERNET:

Office Hours:  By appointment                                                                                                       Office No.:  S17-263

VOICE:  17438775 (W)                                                                                                                                  17729091 (H)


This course will offer students a broad introduction to English in the context of Information Technology.  It is essentially a functional course that builds IT-related vocabulary with a strong emphasis on reading skills, for finding, understanding, and utilizing information.  Use of the Internet, both for research and communication, is an integral part of the course experience.


Course Objective:  This course aims at increasing students’ ability to:


·          Learn and use the language of IT;

·          Develop communication skills necessary for careers in IT;

·          Use the Internet for academic purposes;

·          Develop language skills of reading for information and analysis;

·          Improve study skills necessary for excellence in academic performance; and

·          Review and practice basic grammatical structures and general vocabulary.


Grading Policy:  25% for Test 1; 25% for Test 2; and 50% for the Final Exam.  A course grade sheet for Section 6 is available at:  <>.


Attendance Policy*:  Attendance in class is mandatory.  If your unexcused absences exceed 25% of the total number of lectures of the course in this semester, you will be automatically withdrawn from the course and be given a grade of (WF) which will be counted towards your GPA.  As well, you are expected to follow the syllabus and accordingly be prepared for each day's class.  This means that you must read the pre-assigned readings before class so that you will be prepared to discuss and debate in class the subject matter scheduled for that day and answer questions related to the issues being covered.  NOTE:  TURN OFF all cell phones during class.


*Absence from class may be made up by preparing a two-page, typed (i.e. using maximum 12 point font size and maximum double-spaced text with one-inch margin on all sides), summary on the missed material scheduled to be covered the day(s) of your absence.  The summary must be in your own words and must not be copied material from the text(s), the internet, or any other source(s).


Required Text:


Glendinning, Eric H. & McEwan, John.  2002.  Oxford English for Information Technology.  UK:  Oxford University Press.




Assignments will be made available on the class web site at:  <>.  Follow the instructions carefully.  Assignments must be sent directly to my email address:  <>.  Include Name, Student ID and Section Number with every assignment submitted.




Sept. 19:  Introduction to English 154, Communication for Information Technology


Sept. 21:  Computer Users


Readings:   Glendinning & McEwan, UNIT 1  “Computer Users”


Sept. 26:  Computer Architecture


Readings:   Glendinning & McEwan, UNIT 2  “Computer Architecture”


Sept. 28:  Computer Applications


Readings:  Glendinning & McEwan, UNIT 3  “Computer Applications”


Oct. 3:  Peripherals


Readings:  Glendinning & McEwan, UNIT 4  “Peripherals”


Oct. 5:  Interview:  Former Student


Readings:  Glendinning & McEwan, UNIT 5  “Interview:  Former Student”


Oct. 6:  [Last day for dropping courses]

Oct. 9-Nov. 24:  [Withdrawal period with a “W”]


Oct. 10:  Operating Systems


Readings:  Glendinning & McEwan, UNIT 6  “Operating Systems”


Oct. 12:  Graphical User Interfaces


Readings:  Glendinning & McEwan, UNIT 7  “Graphical User Interfaces”


Oct. 15:  [First day of Ramadhan 1425] 


Oct. 17:  Application Programs  [Ramadhan—TBA]


Readings:  Glendinning & McEwan, UNIT 8  “Application Programs”


Oct. 19:  Multimedia  [Ramadhan—TBA]


Readings:  Glendinning & McEwan, UNIT 9  “Multimedia”


Oct. 24:  Interview:  Computing Support  [Ramadhan—TBA]


Readings:  Glendinning & McEwan, UNIT 10  “Interview:  Computing Support”


Oct. 26:  Networks  [Ramadhan—TBA]


Readings:  Glendinning & McEwan, UNIT 11  “Networks”


Oct. 31:  TEST 1:  Sunday 31/10/04 11:00-12:30  [All sections of ENGL 154 will take a uniform exam.  Building location will be announced.  All students in ENGL 154 must attend.  No make-ups will be given.  No excuses will be accepted for absences.  This test will account for 25% of your total grade.]


Nov. 2:  The Internet  [Ramadhan—TBA]


Readings:  Glendinning & McEwan, UNIT 12  “The Internet”


Nov. 7:  The World Wide Web  [Ramadhan—TBA]


Readings:  Glendinning & McEwan, UNIT 13  “The World Wide Web”


Nov. 9:  Websites  [Ramadhan—TBA]


Readings:  Glendinning & McEwan, UNIT 14  “Websites”


Nov. 13-17:  Mid-semester break [No classes]

Nov. 14-16:  Eid Al-Fitr 1425—Holiday [No classes]



Nov. 21:  Interview:  Webpage Creator


Readings:  Glendinning & McEwan, UNIT 15  “Interview:  Webpage Creator”


Nov. 23:  Communications Systems


Readings:  Glendinning & McEwan, UNIT 16  “Communications Systems”


Nov. 28:  Computing Support


Readings:  Glendinning & McEwan, UNIT 17  “Computing Support”


Nov. 30:  Data Security 1


Readings:  Glendinning & McEwan, UNIT 18  “Data Security 1”


Dec. 5:  Data Security 2


Readings:  Glendinning & McEwan, UNIT 19  “Data Security 2”


Dec. 7:  Interview:  The ex-hacker


Readings:  Glendinning & McEwan, UNIT 20  “Interview:  The ex-hacker”


Dec. 12:  Software Engineering


Readings:  Glendinning & McEwan, UNIT 21  “Software Engineering”


Dec. 14:  People in Computing


Readings:  Glendinning & McEwan, UNIT 22  “People in Computing”


Dec. 16-17:  National Day of Bahrain—Holidays; no classes


Dec. 19:  Recent Developments in IT


Readings:  Glendinning & McEwan, UNIT 23  “Recent Developments in IT”


Dec. 21:  The Future of IT


Readings:  Glendinning & McEwan, UNIT 24  “The Future of IT”


Dec. 26:  TEST 2: Sunday 26/12/2004 11:00-12:30  [All sections of ENGL 154 will take a uniform exam.  Building location will be announced.  All students in ENGL 154 must attend.  No make-ups will be given.  No excuses will be accepted for absences.  This test will account for 25% of your total grade.]


Dec. 28:  Interview:  Electronic Publishing


Readings:  Glendinning & McEwan, UNIT 25  “Interview:  Electronic Publishing”


Jan. 1:  New Year’s Day—Holiday; no classes


Jan. 2:  Last day of classes; Review


Readings:  Glendinning & McEwan, “Pairwork Student A”; “Pairwork Student B”


January 12:  Final Exam 8:30-10:30


Jan. 19, 2004:  Last day for submitting first semester’s grades


Jan. 18-Feb. 16, 2004:  Inter-semester Break [Holidays]