AMST 420—SPRING 2006


Colin S. Cavell, Ph.D.                                                                                                   Course Room No.:  S17-229

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A historical survey of America’s rise to international prominence and a discussion of its current place on the international scene and its stance on various regional and global issues


Grading Policy:  20% for Attendance*; 20% for the Class Presentation; 20% for the Midterm Exam; 20% for the Research Paper; and 20% for the Final Exam. A Guidelines sheet will be distributed outlining the requirements for your Class Presentation and for your Research Paper.


Grading Scale:  93-100=A; 90-92=A-; 88-89=B+; 83-87=B; 80-82=B-; 78-79=C+; 73-77=C; 70-72=C-; 68-69=D+; 63-67=D; 60-62=D-; 0-59=F


Attendance Policy*:  Attendance in class is mandatory.  It is the student’s responsibility to sign the attendance sheet each day of class; failure to sign the attendance sheet—even if in attendance—will be counted as an absence.  If your unexcused absences exceed 25% of the total number of lectures of the course in this semester, you will be automatically withdrawn from the course and be given a grade of (WF) which will be counted towards your GPA.  As well, you are expected to follow the syllabus and accordingly be prepared for each day's class.  This means that you must read the pre-assigned readings before class so that you will be prepared to discuss and debate in class the subject matter scheduled for that day and answer questions related to the issues being covered.  NOTE:  TURN OFF all cell phones during class.


* Absence from class may be made up by preparing a two-page, typed (i.e. using maximum 12 point font size and maximum double-spaced text with one-inch margin on all sides), summary on the missed material scheduled to be covered the day(s) of your absence.  The summary must be in your own words and must not be copied material from the text(s), the internet, or any other source(s).  Times New Roman font is strongly recommended; however, if you use an alternative style, make sure your font does not resemble italic or bold text.  Also, Comic Sans MS font is not allowed. 


Required Texts:

Ambrose, Stephen and Douglas Brinkley.  1997.  Rise to Globalism: American Foreign Policy Since 1938.  New York: Penguin.  [ISBN:  0-14-026831-6] 

Cavell, Colin S.  2002.  Exporting ‘Made-In-America’ Democracy:  The National Endowment for Democracy & U.S. Foreign Policy.  Lanham, MD:  University Press of America, Inc.  [ISBN:  0-7618-2440-5] 

Feb. 19:  Introduction to U.S. Foreign Policy:  History, Politics, and Choice


Feb. 21:  The Twisting Path to War


Readings:  Ambrose, “Introduction,” & Ch. 1, “The Twisting Path to War”


Feb. 26:  The War in Europe


Readings:  Ambrose, Ch. 2, “The War in Europe


Feb. 28:  The War in Asia


Readings:  Ambrose, Ch. 3, “The War in Asia


Mar. 5:  The Beginnings of the Cold War


Readings:  Ambrose, Ch. 4, “The Beginnings of the Cold War”


Mar. 7:  The Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan


Readings:  Ambrose, Ch. 5, “The Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan”


Mar. 10-12:  Bahrain Grand Prix [Holidays—No classes]


Mar. 14:  Containment Tested


Readings:  Ambrose, Ch. 6, “Containment Tested”


Mar. 19:  Korea


Readings:  Ambrose, Ch. 7, “Korea


Mar. 21:  Eisenhower, Dulles, and the Irreconcilable Conflict


Readings:  Ambrose, Ch. 8, “Eisenhower, Dulles, and the Irreconcilable Conflict”


Mar. 26:  From Hungary and Suez to Cuba


Readings:  Ambrose, Ch. 9, “From Hungary and Suez to Cuba


Mar. 28:  ASC Symposium:  “Diverse Voices in American Literature”


Class Will Attend Symposium Readings


Apr. 2:  Kennedy and the New Frontiers


Readings:  Ambrose, Ch. 10, “Kennedy and the New Frontiers”


Apr. 4:  Vietnam: Paying the Cost of Containment


Readings:  Ambrose, Ch. 11, “Vietnam: Paying the Cost of Containment”


Apr. 9:  Nixon, Détente, and the Debacle in Vietnam


Readings:  Ambrose, Ch. 12, “Nixon, Détente, and the Debacle in Vietnam


Apr. 10:  Prophet’s Birthday [Holiday—No classes]


Apr. 11:  Midterm Exam


Apr. 15-19:  Mid-semester break [No classes]


Apr. 23:  America in the Middle East and Africa


Readings:  Ambrose, Ch. 13, “America in the Middle East and Africa


Apr. 25:  Carter and Human Rights


Readings:  Ambrose, Ch. 14, “Carter and Human Rights”


Apr. 30:  Reagan and the Evil Empire


Readings:  Ambrose, Ch. 15, “Reagan and the Evil Empire”


May 2:  The End of the Cold War


Readings:  Ambrose, Ch. 16, “The End of the Cold War”


May 1:  International Labor Day [Holiday—No Classes]


May 7:  Bush and the Gulf War


Readings:  Ambrose, Ch. 17, “Bush and the Gulf War”


May 9:  Clinton and Democratic Enlargement


Readings:  Ambrose, Ch. 18, “Clinton and Democratic Enlargement”


May 14:  Exporting ‘Made-In-America’ Democracy


Readings:  Cavell, “Introduction”


May 16:  Democracy and Hegemony


Readings:  Cavell, Ch. I, “Democracy and Hegemony”


May 21:  From Westphalia to Globalization


Readings:  Cavell, Ch. II, “From Westphalia to Globalization”


May 23:  Past U.S. Attempts to Export Democracy in Latin America [Research Papers Due]


Readings:  Cavell, Ch. III, “Past U.S. Attempts to Export Democracy in Latin America


May 28:  Origin, Structure, & Grantfunding Practices of the NED


Readings:  Cavell, Ch. IV, “Origin, Structure, & Grantfunding Practices of the NED”


May 30:  Capitalism, Hegemony, and Democracy [Last Day for In-Class Presentations]


Readings:  Cavell, Ch. V, “Capitalism, Hegemony, and Democracy”


June 4:  Last day of class; Review


June 17:  Final Exam  11:30-13:30


June 22:  Last day for submitting grades